Houston Sex Trafficking Attorney

Attorney In-Chul Sohn takes on the hard cases that intimidate many other lawyers. A Top Defense Lawyer in Houston, TX, he beats major felony cases, including gang cases and federal cases. He secures reduced sentences for many other cases.

When you have a charge  as serious as sex trafficking, you need the most serious lawyer. Gang Attorney In-Chul Sohn welcomes the challenge of a tough case and fights from the beginning of the case to the end.

The Stigma of Sex Crimes

When people hear that someone has been charged with a sex crime, they make judgments about the person. Even if that person is acquitted, the accusation follows for many years. Someone convicted of a sex crime will be put on the sex registry, so that person cannot even move to a new neighborhood to start his life over.

Sex trafficking charges are more serious and carry more stigma than other sex crimes. Sex Trafficking Attorney In-Chul Sohn understands how important it is to clear your name.

Sex Trafficking Defense

There is usually no physical evidence in a sex trafficking case, so the prosecutor will depend on witnesses to make the case. Even witnesses in less severe crimes are known for being unreliable. Witnesses in a sex trafficking case also probably have other credibility problems related to their character.

Houston Sex Trafficking Attorney In-Chul Sohn knows how to shred the prosecutor’s case. He will tear apart the prosecution witnesses during cross-examination by pointing out inconsistencies in their testimony and offering evidence to destroy their credibility. He will raise reasonable doubt to beat your case even where the prosecution boasts of strong evidence against you.

Top Defense

Houston Criminal Defense Attorney In-Chul Sohn spends his days winning victories for his clients who are charged with very serious crimes. When you are charged with a serious crime like sex trafficking, you need someone who has the experience and skills that can only be earned with practice. Your freedom and your reputation are at stake.

When you are charged with a sex trafficking offense, the State will bear its power upon you and try to destroy you. That means you need someone who will meet might with might and fight back for you, to vanquish your enemy. If you are facing a sex trafficking charge in the Houston area, or are worried you might be soon, call Attorney In-Chul Sohn today for a free consultation.

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