In-Chul Sohn

Houston Gang Attorney

Since he earned his law degree from the University of Houston Law Center in 1999, Houston Gang Attorney In-Chul Sohn has been taking on the toughest cases. He is a zealous advocate and fights hard on every case.

If you have been charged with a serious offense like a federal crime or a gang charge, you need someone on your side who isn’t afraid to get into the ring with you and fight hard for your freedom. Attorney In-Chul Sohn can handle the challenges and won’t give up until he gets the best result for your case.

Federal Crimes

If you have been charged under the RICO laws, you know that there are extreme punishments if you are convicted. Federal Criminal Defense Attorney In-Chul Sohn can assist if you have charges of racketeering, trafficking, hate crimes or federal gang charges.

When you have been charged in federal court, you have the power of the federal government against you. Their resources seem boundless, and the stakes are high. You could lose your freedom for a long time, and pay thousands of dollars in fines. Houston Attorney In-Chul Sohn has successfully helped many clients with these kinds of difficult cases.

Juvenile Law

Cases with juvenile defendants are often handled differently. Minors are often not treated with respect, and their rights are often overlooked and violated. Juvenile Law Attorney In-Chul Sohn understands this and will make a positive difference in your case. If your loved one is charged with a juvenile offense such as car or bicycle theft, drug sales, or gang-related crimes, you can contact him to get help.

Other Criminal Charges

Houston Gang Attorney In-Chul Sohn has also successfully won acquittal or reduced sentences on other serious crimes, like sexual assault, sex trafficking, prostitution, and violent crimes. He has the skills and passion to make a difference in your case.

At The  Law Office of In-Chul Sohn, you can get a fixed fee on your case so you know what to expect when you start. You will also get a free consultation where you can discuss your case and learn your options and possible strategies. If you want the Top Defense Lawyer in Houston, TX, call In-Chul Sohn today.

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