Houston Texas Attorney

In-Chul Sohn, Defender of the Underworld

Percy Foreman, Racehorse Haynes, Dick DeGuerin, and now In-Chul Sohn

Percy Foreman, Racehorse Haynes, and Dick DeGuerin are the greatest defense lawyers Houston has known. Alas, Foreman and Haynes are gone, and DeGuerin is 76 years old. Now In-Chul Sohn wants to carry on their legacy and fight for the underdog against the powers of the state. A 16-year lawyer of supreme confidence, intellect, and eloquence, In-Chul Sohn has been a Houstonian since 1996 when he entered the University of Houston Law Center where he received the only Research and Writing award for his first-year law school subsection. As well, Sohn is a 1990 graduate of the prestigious Wharton School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, where he pursued rigorous double major in Accounting and Finance.

A Dazzling Orator, Lawyer for the Damned

Sohn was noted for his public speaking skills from young age, astounding teachers and fellow students, leading classroom presentations, and winning storytelling contests. Sohn thinks extremely quickly on his feet; yet, he prepares thoroughly for his trials and will beat cases that other lawyers give up on. His natural sympathy is for the poor and weak, the damned and defenseless. Sohn has known people from all walks of life and understands their travails. Whether you’re rich or poor, strong or weak, Sohn treats you with the same kindness. Whatever your color or gender, Sohn cares for you alike. Against the accusers who call you a criminal and demand your blood, Sohn will fight fiercely for your liberty and dignity. Sohn will vanquish those who seek to harm you.

A Friend of Gangsters, Your Homeboy

The world may look down on you and call you a gangster, low-life, and criminal. But Sohn understands your sorrows. He knows the struggles of young people growing up in poverty, in single-parent households, with bleak outlook on life and easy temptations around. Whatever work you have chosen, whatever trouble you get into, Sohn is here as your friend and voice, as your homeboy. Sohn specializes in gang/group cases: Drug Trafficking, Armed Robbery, Sex Trafficking, Shakedowns, and more. It’s not too late and there is hope for you. Call In-Chul Sohn NOW at 832-428-9911 to beat your case and walk to your freedom.

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